We use a meticulous two-stage fermentation method that infuses every bottle with the phenomenal flavour and fantastic fizz that we strive for.

Our recipe begins with a blend of green and black teas, which are then fermented over several weeks with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast lovingly called the Scoby.

Once the Scoby has worked its magic, we replace it with organic ingredients like herbs, juices, and green tea. These botanicals steep for several days, infusing our kombucha with their rich and complex flavours.

We’re always busy brewing our next batch, but that doesn’t stop us from trying new things.

We’re tirelessly experimenting with new recipes and techniques in search of future favorites. Whenever we find a concoction we love, we develop it, perfect it, and add it to the family.

Once our kombucha has been fermented and flavoured, we bottle it and send it to stores all over the island of Montréal and its surrounding areas. Certain locations also have Fous de L’île on tap, so you can refill your own bottles.